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Loving Church Members with Different Politics

Well … it’s that time again … election season. Once again, the division between political candidates and parties is rife! Campaign ads seem to be less geared toward promoting the virtues of particular candidates and more toward dragging their opponents through the mud. It can get pretty ugly at times. Unfortunately, this unpleasant division can tend to filter into the believer’s life and seriously impact the love and unity within a local church. So, what happens if you disagree with another…

What If I Don’t Feel Like Going to Church?

For 10 weeks, Lebanon Baptist Church did not meet together. Sure we sang some songs and we listened to sermons as we tuned into the Sunday Broadcasts from our living rooms. But it wasn’t church – we didn’t assemble (church, by its very definition, is an assembly). Even now, our in-person gatherings are limited and the assembly is still not able to fully get back together. It has certainly been a unique time. So, how has this affected you? Some…

20 Questions: Patriarch Edition

We’ve recently begun a sermon series through Genesis 12-20  to explore the life of Abraham. Of course, Abraham is a popular Bible character, but how well do you know the details of his life? Here are 20 questions to help you investigate a little more about him. Try to answer these together with your family or roommates. Or you could challenge a fellow church member to a contest. Maybe you could have a friendly competition within your small group. Actually, let’s…