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What If I Don’t Feel Like Going to Church?

For 10 weeks, Lebanon Baptist Church did not meet together. Sure we sang some songs and we listened to sermons as we tuned into the Sunday Broadcasts from our living rooms. But it wasn’t church – we didn’t assemble (church, by its very definition, is an assembly). Even now, our in-person gatherings are limited and the assembly is still not able to fully get back together. It has certainly been a unique time. So, how has this affected you? Some…

20 Questions: Patriarch Edition

We’ve recently begun a sermon series through Genesis 12-20  to explore the life of Abraham. Of course, Abraham is a popular Bible character, but how well do you know the details of his life? Here are 20 questions to help you investigate a little more about him. Try to answer these together with your family or roommates. Or you could challenge a fellow church member to a contest. Maybe you could have a friendly competition within your small group. Actually, let’s…

Summer of Service

WHAT IS SUMMER OF SERVICE? Summer of Service is a strategic initiative for the LBC family to display the loving-kindness of Jesus by intentionally serving our neighborhoods and communities in very practical ways. A variety of service projects will take place over select days throughout the summer in place of the regularly scheduled midweek activities. The desire is not to fill our calendars with more things to do, but rather to help us be strategic and intentional with what we do in…

Meet Our Pastors

Pastor • Preaching & Vision

Brian Peterson

Brian Peterson was born in Miami, FL. His family later moved to Greenville, SC where Brian spent most of his childhood. At the age of eight, Brian made a profession of faith, but he struggled with doubts for many years. The summer after his sophomore year of high school, Brian attended a Christian camp. While there, God dealt with him about his sin. He realized that he must place his trust in Christ and depend on Him alone for salvation.…
Pastor • Youth & Outreach

Josh Roland

Josh was born in March of 1984, and raised in Lakewood, a suburb of Denver, CO. The seventh of nine children, Josh had the blessing of growing up in a Christian home where his parents, a stay-at-home mom and a physician, were constantly teaching their children about and pointing them to Christ. Around the age of seven, Josh saw his need for salvation from sin and death and put his faith in Jesus Christ to save him. In his late…
Pastor • Prayer & Care

Dick Hester

For over 30 years (1969-2003), Dick Hester served as the senior pastor of Lebanon Baptist Church. In 2013, the Lord led him to join back with the pastoral team at Lebanon. He now serves in the vital roles of overseeing pastoral care and leading the congregation to focus on prayer. For the last decade, the Hesters have partnered with Biblical Ministries Worldwide. As a Pastor to the Missionaries for BMW, the Hesters travel to encourage and instruct missionaries in their ministries. Pastor Hester writes weekly Prayer Prompters…
Pastor • Music & Children

Mark Egerdahl

Mark Egerdahl was born and raised in Raleigh, NC. At 12 years old, Mark placed his faith in Christ during a revival meeting and was baptized. Afterward, he dedicated his life to the Lord as a teen camper at The Wilds Christian Camp. After high school, Mark attended Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC, and graduated in ’09 with a Bachelor of Music in Church Music. During his college years, he spent 2 summers working at The Wilds and 2…