Small Group Resources

Small Group Resources


  • Sermon Discussion • Sunday AM (5/16/21)
    (This guide is specific to the sermon preached each Sunday)
  • General Sermon Discussion Guide
    (This guide can be used to facilitate almost any sermon discussion. Leaders can customize the questions based on the sermon just heard.)

While there will always be an opportunity for each group to discuss and apply the sermons from Sunday morning, there are other wonderful studies available. The following is a list of recommended resources for small groups to utilize. While we may not agree with every element in these studies, we do believe these are doctrinally sound and in line with our church’s mission and core values.

Other studies & small group curriculum

As you consider what to study, it is important that your group engages in a variety of studies to develop a well-rounded approach to discipleship.

  • KNOWING: Grow in our understanding of God, His Word, and the Gospel
  • BEING: Grow in our understanding of our identity in Christ and who we are as followers of Jesus
  • DOING: Grow in our personal worship, daily obedience, and practical commitment to Jesus in all areas of life
  • Knowing the Bible Series (Crossway) – 12-week interactive inductive studies
  • Taking God At His Word (Kevin DeYoung)
  • None Like Him (Jen Wilkin)
  • Devotional Doctrine: Delightin in God, His Word, and His World (Aaron Armstrong)
  • Why Trust the Bible? (Greg Gilbert)
  • What Is the Gospel? (Greg Gilbert)
  • Who Is Jesus? (Greg Gilbert)
  • Behold Your God • DVD Series
  • The Joy of Fearing God (Jerry Bridges)
  • Knowledge of the Holy (A.W. Tozer)
  • Gospel Revolution • DVD Series (JD Greear)
  • Quieting A Noisy Soul (Jim Berg)
  • In His Image (Jen Wilkin)
  • The Hole in Our Holiness (Kevin DeYoung)
  • Respectable Sins (Jerry Bridges)
  • Trusting God (Jerry Bridges)
  • True Community (Jerry Bridges)
  • The Gospel for Real Life (Jerry Bridges)
  • Healthy Church Study Guides (9 Marks)
  • How to Walk into Church (Tony Payne)
  • Your Walk with God Is A Community Project • DVD Series (P. Tripp)
  • Jonah: You Can’t Outrun Grace • DVD Series (P. Tripp)
  • 6 Steps to Talking about Jesus • DVD Series (Matthias Media)
  • Ready to Launch: Jesus-Centered Parenting in a Child-Centered World • DVD Series (JD Greear)
  • Essential Virtues (Jim Berg)
  • Changed Into His Image (Jim Berg)
  • Created for His Glory (Jim Berg)
  • Honest Evangelism (Rico Tice)
  • What Is A Healthy Church Member? (Thabiti Anybwile)
  • The Treasure Principle (Randy Alcorn)
  • Christianity Explained
  • You, Me, and the Bible
  • More than A Carpenter (Josh McDowell)
  • Stranger on the Road to Emmaus
  • Christianity Explored
  • 8 Weeks through Mark’s Gospel (One to One Bible Reading)