The Prayer War

The Prayer War

Okay everyone, pray for our missionaries!

That’s what we’re supposed to do, right?

But how can we move beyond, “God, bless the missionaries” and truly engage in praying for our missions team in real ways?

Last week in our morning gathering, Paul Seger addressed the church regarding this very topic. If you didn’t get to hear the sermon, take some time to listen to it here

How can we move beyond, 'God, bless the missionaries' and truly engage in praying for our missions team in real ways? Click To Tweet

The Apostle Paul gave the churches to whom he wrote very specific ways to pray for him in his church-planting efforts. We can and should do the same for those we have partnered with for the sake of the Gospel. Many of them have moved into completely different cultures and are seeking to get the Gospel into places where Satan has blinded the eyes of many to the Truth.

So, don’t abandon them! Pray.

The church gathered needs to join the Prayer War for missions; but even more so, the church scattered needs to engage in the daily and hourly Prayer War, fueled with fresh communication from the front lines. Change the world from your knees by calling on an omnipotent and omnipresent God to meet the needs of your missionaries in these seven critical areas (p. 83).

The Prayer War will teach you how to provide support by interceding for your missions team in prayer. This brief book provides 7 specific prayer requests for missionaries that flow straight from the Bible and cover some of the most critical things we desire to see happen on the mission field. In fact, each one serves as a daily prayer guide for you as you seek to pray for your missionaries at home and abroad.

We are making The Prayer War available to our church family at no cost and encouraging our members to commit to praying for a missionary in these ways each day this year. Be sure to stop by the Hospitality Center this weekend to reserve your copy.

As a church, we are ever-dependent on the Spirit’s work to see God’s purposes fulfilled in this world. Therefore, we must seek to devote ourselves to the priority of praying together as a congregation and giving ourselves to constant prayer as individual members.