The God of Corinth: 1 Corinthians 1:1-3

The God of Corinth: 1 Corinthians 1:1-3

This past Sunday, we were introduced to the first message in our new series, Life in My Corinthian Context: Gospel Perspective in a Secular Age. We will be looking into and studying the book of 1 Corinthians over these next few months (and years!)

An important city for trade in Greece, Corinth was an ancient combination of modern-day New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas – all rolled into one. Known for its sexuality, substance abuse, worship of money, and riotous, party lifestyle, it’s probably the type of place we think we would have avoided, denounced, and looked down on.

However, in the first few verses of this book, we see that in this city, God was still Lord. He had called Paul out of a life of hatred towards Christ and persecution towards the church, to a life of salvation and service to Him. In the same way, He had called to men and women in this sinful city of Corinth, sanctifying them and making them saints, all by His grace.

Old ways die hard though, and this group of believers, while saved, were struggling to see how their new position in Christ required a different way of life – that the grace they’d been shown demanded a response.

In this letter, Paul will address things pertaining to discipline, sexual immorality, marriage, fights, and divisions amongst believers, and lawsuits between believers. While this letter was written by God through Paul to the Corinthian church almost 2,000 years ago, the truths that God reveals about Himself in the letter call us to action in our modern-day Corinth.

Are we living in the reality of our position today, in a culture that searches for happiness and pleasure in everything outside a relationship with God? What do our work ethics, our views of marriage, and our secret addictions say about our worldview and position in Christ? What do the fights amongst believers reveal about how we think of ourselves as saints of God?

The next sixteen chapters of Corinthians will instruct us on how we are to live in specific areas, but all of this is only possible when we are called by God to salvation–a miraculous gift from Him–and as we do life together as “the church of God in Roswell, GA”.

Sunday we were reminded of how our new lives began, and why and how they can be lived out in our world today. Take a few minutes from your day to listen to the sermon here, and call upon God, through the power of Christ, to live a life that reflects the Gospel in our culture today.