Jesus gave to His church one mission: make disciples. Therefore, we seek to go to the nations with the message of the gospel, baptizing those who turn to Jesus in faith, and teach them to obey Him. Explore the links below to learn more about our corporate efforts to engage in this mission in different ethnic, linguistic, and geographic contexts.


Missionaries | Ministry Support | Short-term We believe that missions must be defined by The Mission: make disciples, baptize, and teach obedience. Therefore, as a church, we define missionary work as the work of making disciples, gathering believers, and establishing local churches to propagate the gospel. MISSIONARIES / CHURCH-planters ATLANTA David & Kim Huffman – One Hope Church Ryan & Tricia McCammack – Gospel Hope Church Fran & Daphne Chavarria – Iglesia Bautista Lebanon SALT LAKE VALLEY Casey & Lindsey Ballard – Liberty Bible…

Ministry Support

Missionaries | Ministry Support | Short-term While our primary focus is the establishment of local churches, we realize that work requires multiple levels of teaching and training, administration, communication, and organizational support. Below are the ones our church has partnered with for these purposes. Ministry Support Natalie Carmona – Mission School, Mexico  Bryan & Sharon Detandt – Detandt Family Ministries Steve & Jane Gibb – Biblical Ministries Worldwide Dick & Carol Hester – Biblical Ministries Worldwide Marsh & Joy Millikan…

Short-Term Ministry

Missionaries | Ministry Support | Short-term Some of our members, for a designated time, have given themselves to serve in Christian ministries in a full-time vocational way. These are LBC members helping to support the work of evangelism and discipleship through a variety of avenues. Preston & Zoey Flynt, Black Forest Academy, Germany Victoria Hall – CRU, Kennesaw State University

Getting Involved

how can you be more involved in HELPING AND SUPPORTING THE MISSIONS ENDEAVORS OF LBC? LEARN Find out more about our church’s missionaries and their work. You can also increase your awareness of what God is doing among the nations by reading Operation World, available in the Resource Center (A 108). PRAY Enter into the work of our church’s missionaries and church planters by praying for them more consistently. Consider adopting one or more to pray for on a routine basis. Also, you can see…