Biblical Theology
The Bible is not simply a series of stories, an encyclopedia of moral behaviors, or instructions on living a good life. The Bible is a story about who God is and what God is doing. Learn to understand the storyline of Scripture in a way that helps make sense of the Bible and accurately apply it to your life.

Church History
Learning the history of the church helps provide an understanding of God’s working through the last 2000 years, where all the different “stripes” of churches come from, and how it influences why we do what we do today. In this two-part series, explore the history of the church from its beginnings up to the 1500’s, and the Reformation to the present.

Complete in Him
Nothing is more basic to spiritual life and growth than understanding and enjoying the truths of the gospel that center uniquely in Jesus. In this class we will examine the essential and rich elements of the gospel to show how Christ is everything, His work is complete, and we are complete in Him. (Complete in Him, Michael Barret)

Delighting in the Trinity
The Christian life, from start to finish, is rooted in our triune God – Father, Son, and Spirit. Not only do we understand the person and work of Christ through the Trinity, but also prayer, the church, relationships and every aspect of our faith. This class will provide a basic yet thorough understanding of the doctrine of the Trinity and its everyday importance for life. (Delighting in the Trinity, Michael Reeves)

Basic Theology  (Systematic)
Theology is important because what we believe affects how we live. While God doesn’t call every Christian to go to seminary, we are called to understand, know, and hold to the truth. Learn the basics of the Christian faith and how they influence your day-to-day life.