The Bible tells of a glorious motivation for missions that started in the Garden of Eden and will be consummated in the new heaven and the new earth. As a church, each member should be clear as to the nature and point of missions, and willing to give himself or herself to being a part of this endeavor in any way possible.

Understanding the Great Commission
The local church is God’s plan for evangelism and discipleship. The connection between the local church and the Great Commission dramatically impacts how each member should go about their work of making disciples … we do this together! (Understanding the Great Commission, Mark Dever)

Equipping for Evangelism
Understand what evangelism is (and is not), learn what it means to share the Gospel, and explore what the Bible teaches regarding each believer’s incredible privilege to share the message of Jesus! 

Apologetics & World Religions
Learn how to articulate the Gospel, offer a defense of its reliability and truth, and lovingly, yet critically engage with unbelieving people around you.  

You, Me & the Bible
Learn how to sit down in an informal way to help friends and neighbors discover the central ideas of the Bible. This study will help you share with others what it really means to be a Christian. (You, Me, & the Bible, Tony Payne)