Christian Living

Christian Living

Spiritual Disciplines
Growth in Christian maturity is never an issue of passivity, but a disciplined pursuit of Christ. Far from being legalistic, the spiritual disciplines are a means whereby we grow in knowing, understanding, and enjoying Christ. 

Spiritual Gifts & the Local Church
A healthy local church is where each individual part is carrying out its ministry function. Learn what real ministry is and what it means for you to serve the church in ways that God has designed you.

Rearing children is much more than helping a child be a morally behaved responsible citizen. Learn a biblical perspective for shepherding your child’s heart to love God. This is a DVD-based series on Ted Tripp’s book. (Shepherding A Child’s Heart, Ted Tripp)

Pursuit of Holiness
Holiness has fallen on hard times. Calls against worldliness are rejected as legalistic. But the Bible makes it very plain that holiness is a part of God’s purposes for His people, not only in eternity, but now. Understand what it means to distinctly live in the culture as God’s people.

Marriage Road Trip
From the beginning, God intended marriage to be a beautiful picture of His plan of redemption. But, that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Marriage is a journey filled with ups and downs, twists and turns. Whether you’re single, newly married, or well down the road, learn what God reveals about marriage and learn to think biblically about it.

In a fallen world, we are never promised ease. Philosophers call it “the problem of evil”, Christians see it as a tension between our experience and what the Bible tells us about God. But Bible calls us to faith. Not a blind faith — but a faith grounded in the evidence of God’s working. Learn what it means to endure suffering and trials with faith and hope.

Understanding Biblical Change
How does a believer overcome sin in their life? Is there any hope for a person overwhelmed by fear, lust, anger, discontent, etc.? See how the Bible teaches that you can change. Not just outward conformity, but true inward change! 

Biblical Counseling
Counseling is very different for Christians than therapeutic advice and techniques to deal with life. It’s biblical help that is grounded in God’s wisdom. In this DVD-based series, learn how you can disciple others to view their situations from God’s perspective.  (Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands, Paul Tripp & Timothy Lane)

God owns everything. In His kindness, He has given us time, abilities, finances, and possessions. Since He is the owner, which makes us stewards. In this class, we want to understand what it means to be a steward that doesn’t simply spend what he or she has, but invests what we have for God’s eternal purposes.

Discipling: Helping Others Follow Jesus
What does it look like for Christians to care for one another’s spiritual well being and growth? Learn not only why we should, but practically what it looks like to help each other become more like Christ every day.

Building Blocks to Christian Maturity
In this study of 2 Peter 1, learn what Christian maturity is, what it looks like to grow in maturity, and why it is vital to pursue growth in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus.

Singleness to the Glory of God
Many in the church misunderstand singleness and unfortunately, view it in negative terms. The Bible gives a completely different perspective. Explore what God says in a way that helps you understand, support, and empower singles to contribute to the health of the church. (7 Myths about Singleness, Sam Allberry)