Biblical Studies

Biblical Studies

OT Survey
Get a birds-eye view of the Old Testament and understand how each individual book fits together. You will learn how to properly view the historical events of the Old Testament and begin to see the wonder of God’s plan revealed in the Law and the Prophets.

NT Survey
Get a birds eye view of the New Testament and learn how each individual book fits together in revealing the New Covenant, God’s working through His church, and where it’s all heading. 

The Gospels
Get an overview of the first 4 books of the New Testament. In this “sprint through the Gospels”, you will survey each book and get a framework for really understanding the details each writer includes in their account of Jesus.

Walking in the Spirit (Galatians 5)
Too often, “helpful insights” on how to live the Christian life are subjective ideas. But understanding how to properly live the Christian life based in the objective truth of God’s Word makes for solid, balanced Christians who live victorious, fruitful lives. We will explore Galatians 5 together to learn that walking in the Spirit is the only way to live the Christian life, and nothing else really works!

Getting A Grip on the Gospel (Romans 6-8)
One of the key passages of the Bible that reveals to us what it means to be “in Christ.” In this class, you will examine the depths of one of the richest passages in the Bible, and rejoice in the wonders of God’s salvation and how it impacts our perspective on life.