LifeStage Classes

LifeStage Classes

LifeStage Classes are our organized approach to biblically educate and equip each member. The goal is that we as a church would grow in our ability to understand the overarching truths of our God and His Word, as well as become skilled in applying a biblical framework for every aspect of our lives. 

When do these classes meet?

All classes begin each Sunday morning at 9:30 and run until 10:15.


We suggest you identify those that are in your stage of life so that you can connect with and learn together in community. Of course, these delineations are simply suggestions, not mandates. You are free to attend any class of your choice.

  • Teens (13-18) – C103
  • Adult 1 (18+) – A104
  • Adult 2 (30 +) – A103
  • Adult 3 (50 +) – A102
  • Adult 4 (65 +) – A100
OBJECTIVES OF LifeStage Classes

Visit LBCEquip, our church blog, to learn more about these objectives.


The LifeStage Classes are designed to equip and establish us as followers of Jesus. Each class will run anywhere from 6 to 13 weeks. Ideally, a member should have the opportunity over the course of 4-5 years to be exposed to teaching through a variety Biblical categories and be more rooted and grounded in the faith. 

There are currently 5 different categories of classes for training us in our discipleship:

  • FOUNDATIONS – these classes focus on knowing the Gospel and basic principles of being a Christian.
  • OUTREACH – these classes focus on learning how to share the Gospel and live lives focused on obedience to the Great Commission.
  • LIVING – these classes focus on understanding what following Jesus looks like across all the realms of life.
  • THEOLOGY – these classes focus on studying fundamental Christian truths and the unfolding themes of the Bible.
  • BIBLICAL STUDIES – these classes focus on teaching through specific books, passages, or sections of Scripture.


What is the Gospel? The goal is that each member of LBC understands the vocabulary, content, and explanation of the central message of the Christian faith and is able to clearly articulate the Gospel and identify deviations. (What is the Gospel? Greg Gilbert) Lebanon 101 Learn the details of what it means to be a member of Lebanon Baptist Church. Over the course of six weeks, we will explore the mission, message, and ministry of this church. This class is required…


Missions The Bible tells of a glorious motivation for missions that started in the Garden of Eden and will be consummated in the new heaven and the new earth. As a church, each member should be clear as to the nature and point of missions, and willing to give himself or herself to being a part of this endeavor in any way possible. Understanding the Great Commission The local church is God’s plan for evangelism and discipleship. The connection between…


Biblical Theology The Bible is not simply a series of stories, an encyclopedia of moral behaviors, or instructions on living a good life. The Bible is a story about who God is and what God is doing. Learn to understand the storyline of Scripture in a way that helps make sense of the Bible and accurately apply it to your life. Church History Learning the history of the church helps provide an understanding of God’s working through the last 2000…

Christian Living

Spiritual Disciplines Growth in Christian maturity is never an issue of passivity, but a disciplined pursuit of Christ. Far from being legalistic, the spiritual disciplines are a means whereby we grow in knowing, understanding, and enjoying Christ.  Spiritual Gifts & the Local Church A healthy local church is where each individual part is carrying out its ministry function. Learn what real ministry is and what it means for you to serve the church in ways that God has designed you.…

Biblical Studies

OT Survey Get a birds-eye view of the Old Testament and understand how each individual book fits together. You will learn how to properly view the historical events of the Old Testament and begin to see the wonder of God’s plan revealed in the Law and the Prophets. NT Survey Get a birds eye view of the New Testament and learn how each individual book fits together in revealing the New Covenant, God’s working through His church, and where it’s all…