When it comes to equipping, training, and testing individuals for ministry, God has an institution authorized for that purpose … the local church. Lebanon Baptist Church is committed to fulfilling the responsibility God has given us to accomplish that task.


To train, evaluate, and equip individuals in a local church context in order to develop the next generation of local church leaders


This ministry of leadership training and development is a long-term multiplying strategy. We desire to identify, train, evaluate, affirm, and sending men and women to perpetuate the message and ministry of the Gospel throughout the world (church planting).


The book of Acts reveals that the local church, under pastoral leadership, was the primary instrument used in the process of setting apart individuals for Gospel ministry. We are committed to this process for the sake of the furtherance of Gospel ministry around the world.


  • Summer Ministry Apprenticeship (High School • June-August)
  • Ministry Internship (College Students • Spring/Summer/Fall)
  • Pastoral Internship (2-3 years residency with the opportunity for Seminary training)
  • Immersion in a local church and its immediate community
  • Hands-on experience through participating in daily church and community life
  • Personal discipleship and ministry mentoring
  • Development in theological training, personal relationships, and ministry skills

While each pastoral intern will have training that is unique to their own character and ministry goals, the three overarching objectives addressed in this training are in the following terms:











The structure is set up to be less formal, more relational. We will seek to center on transparent, open, honest relationships with the staff and the people of the church. Because ministry cannot be limited to a set schedule, the internship will require flexibility. Interns will need to aim to be disciplined self-starters who are faithful, cooperative, flexible, and discerning. Those who aggressively pursue the pastoral team and church leadership will be benefited greatly. In line with our church philosophy of investing in people rather than programs, interns must be devoted to prayer, the Word, and people.

To learn more about the internship opportunities, contact the church office.