Leadership Training

Leadership Training

In Acts 6 we are told that as the number of disciples was multiplying the church began to face significant challenges. To deal with the lack of ministry, the apostles asked the church to select several individuals to lead the way in serving and uniting the body. As a result of identifying servant leaders, not only was the church unified, but the impact of the Gospel increased!

This is one of the burdens for Lebanon Baptist Church – to develop servant leaders so that ministry would be expanded. We are convinced that multiplied leaders leads to multiplied ministry. Whether it’s teachers, Deacons, small group leaders, future Elders, or pastoral interns, the Ministry of Leadership Development is committed to multiplying leaders that will serve the church so that the body continues to build itself up in love.

Leadership Development

Each year, we set aside a couple of days to focus in on raising up and developing leaders from within the church body. This Leadership Weekend is open for any and all ministry leaders, Deacons, small group leaders and assistants, LifeStage teachers, children’s workers, anyone that holds any type of leadership role within the church, and anyone interested in getting involved in the church in this way. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT TRACKS Foundations Counseling Servant Leadership Teaching


When it comes to equipping, training, and testing individuals for ministry, God has an institution authorized for that purpose … the local church. Lebanon Baptist Church is committed to fulfilling the responsibility God has given us to accomplish that task. PURPOSE To train, evaluate, and equip individuals in a local church context in order to develop the next generation of local church leaders VISION This ministry of leadership training and development is a long-term multiplying strategy. We desire to identify, train, evaluate, affirm,…


Lebanon Baptist Church is honored to partner with the Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary to provide seminary training for anyone looking for seminary-level classes. Through video conferencing, you can be a part of live classes with real-time interaction with instructors. The training from DBTS will help you integrate theological truths, gain perspective on current issues, and form a cohesive biblical theology for effective ministry. If you are interested in taking a class, simply fill out the appropriate application (audit, counseling certification, or MDiv), and DBTS will follow up with…