Support Staff

Support Staff

Facilities Manager

Tim Pulver

Tim was raised in a Christian home and learned the gospel from his parents, church, and AWANA from his earliest memories.  At an early age, he believed on the Lord Jesus Christ and was saved.  A few years later he was baptized and began to desire to serve God with his life.  God led him to Ambassador Baptist College where he majored in Bible and Missions.  He married Sarah in 2001 and they both graduated in 2002.  After college, they…
Financial Secretary

Carla Mueller

Carla was born and raised as a Georgia girl! Growing up as a pastor’s daughter, Carla was taught the truth of the gospel from birth. She came under conviction of her sin at an early age and, with her mother’s leading, accepted Christ as her Savior. Carla attended Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga, Tennessee where she graduated in 1984 with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. The Lord brought her to Lebanon Baptist Church as a member in 1990. She…
Music Secretary

Reba Snyder Miller

Reba Snyder was born and raised in South Bend, IN. She grew up in a Christian home and came to Christ at an early age. She began playing the piano in church while she was in the 5th grade and has been helping out with music in churches ever since. She graduated from Bob Jones University in 2004 with a degree in music. Since then, she traveled on the Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team for 3 yrs. and the Galkin Evangelistic Team…
Food Service Coordinator

Pansy Fox

Over 40 years ago, Pansy came to know Christ as her Savior through the ministry of Lebanon Baptist Church. Her gifts of service led her to oversee the ministry of our Wednesday night Fellowship Dinners for almost 25 years. She serves as chairwoman of the Hospitality team where she handles the food for mostly all of our special events.  She and her husband Carleton have been members of LBC since 1970.
Spanish Ministry

Fran Chavarria

Fran grew up as a strict Catholic. One day, his mom gathered all the siblings and told them that their dad started attending a cult (which happened to be a Baptist Church). She warned them that sooner or later he was going to start sharing his heresies with them. Due to his constant witnessing, Fran trusted Christ at the age of 12. When he was 16, he attended his first Christian camp, and the Lord called him to the ministry. By age 18, he was studying full-time…