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Family Ministry Resources (Fall 2021)

The purpose of our family ministries is to glorify God by partnering with and equipping parents to lead children to embrace Jesus as Lord and Savior and pursue God with their whole heart.   Here are a few notable resources to consider for your family over the next few months. The following recommendations are all themed around learning to read and understand the unfolding story of the Bible. Be sure to check out our other recommended resources for families. FOR THE PARENTS Unfolding Grace:…

How Do I Get Involved in Church, Part 3

This is part 3 of a series of posts on how to get involved in church. Be sure to read part 1 and part 2. While it may seem unimpressive to those looking for high-powered and attractive programs, getting involved in church is really just a matter of simple, yet intentional relationships. It’s not that we are against having good solid programs – LBC has several programs that provide opportunities for you to help facilitate ministry on a weekly basis. But…

Trusting God in the Darkness

The thinking often goes like this – if there were a God, not only could He stop the suffering, He would want to stop it. Since there is still suffering, then the God of the Bible must not exist. However, for many followers of Jesus, it’s not an issue of God’s existence, rather it’s an issue of God’s goodness and greatness. If God is great, He would do something, and if God were good then He would want to do something. As a…