Posts from May 2019

Posts from May 2019

Bible Reading

How’s That Bible Reading Thing Working Out for You?

Well, summer has unofficially arrived (it’s not official until June 21). It’s hard to believe we are almost to the 1/2 way point of 2019! Many of our church family started the year with a commitment to get into the Word more consistently. We call this initiative Treasuring Scripture Together. So, how is it going for you? Are you moving along well, or are has sluggishness set in? Has it ended up being a stereotypical New Year’s Resolution, or are you actually surprised at…

Summer Equipping Classes

This summer, beginning June 2, we will set aside our Sunday evenings to offer 3 different equipping classes. These classes are designed to be interactive discussions and instruction regarding marriage, parenting, and general Christian discipleship. You can learn more details about the classes below. We are encouraging each member to commit to being equipped in one of these ways this summer. Please sign up for one of the classes using the form at the bottom of this page. EQUIPPING CLASSES…