Why LifeStage Classes, Part 4

Why LifeStage Classes, Part 4

This Sunday, our new season of LifeStage Classes begin. But why should you consider assembling an hour before the main morning gathering for these classes?

To answer that, we’ve dedicated a few posts here at LBCEquip to discuss the importance of LifeStage Classes for each member. So far, we’ve discussed 2 objectives:

  1. Biblical literacy + Theological Understanding
  2. Practical Life-application + Obedience

In this post, we will consider the third objective of mutual care and discipling.

Mutual Care + Discipling

In our western culture, it’s easy to adopt a mentality that views the Christian life exclusively as a “personal walk with Jesus.” We put so much of an emphasis on individual growth and maturity that we have come to evaluate church in terms of how it helps me personally know and love God. But if you understand the nature of this thing we call “church”, then you have to recognize that it is not simply about you as an individual follower of Jesus.

Following Jesus is something we do as believers together not just as individuals. Although you are a child of God, you are not an only child. In other words, a personal relationship with Jesus does not mean a private one. You need other believers in your life and other believers need you in their life.

This is the beauty of a local church.

He has sovereignly placed each member into the church for the sake of the building up of the other members so the whole body can be what it should be for the glory of Christ!

The reality of our need for one another is highlighted in Hebrews 10:23-25.

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful. And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near. Hebrews 10:23-25

Following Jesus in a world opposed to the words and ways of Jesus is difficult. If you are going to “hold fast to the confession of your hope without wavering,” you need other believers that will care for you and encourage you to stay faithful. You need others to remind you of truth and help you stay anchored in the Word.

Again, not only do you need that in your life, but you are called to be that kind of person in the lives of the other members of this church.

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Knowing that reality, we have structured LifeStage Classes in a way that provide more opportunity for this mutual care and discipling. While there is biblical instruction, the classes are not just about a teacher downloading information to students. This is about us as a church learning together in community. While we do this in our main gatherings each Sunday, we can enjoy a different kind of mutual discipleship as we learn together in a smaller class environment and with those within our same stage of life.

By learning together with those in the same stage of life as you, you can identify those that may be facing similar life circumstances. Whether it’s another college student, another young couple with a newborn, another parent with college students, or another family caring for aging parents, you can begin to consistently pray for and encourage each other in a way that uniquely understands each other’s life stage. You can talk about the truths you learn in class and help apply the truths to each other’s situation.

Understand that the age delineations for the classes are just suggestions. You are free to attend any class of your choice, but these classes will provide you the opportunity to identify other members of the church in a similar life stage and provide the opportunity to cultivate discipling relationships with them.

Church should never be an event where you just slip in and out unnoticed. Church is a group of believers devoted to one another for the sake of helping each another know, love, and obey Jesus more faithfully. If all you do is attend the Sunday morning gathering, you may find it difficult to cultivate the relationships necessary for the all-of-life care and discipleship you need.

If you are new to the church or wanting to form more meaningful relationships, why not commit to attending a LifeStage class this year? Here is a list of the different class groups to connect with.

  • Teens (13 – 18) – C 103
  • Adult 1 (18+) – A 104
  • Adult 2 (30 +) – A 103
  • Adult 3 (50 +) – A 102
  • Senior Adults – A 100
  • Español – A 106

We hope to see you this Sunday morning at 9:30! 

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