Summer of Service

Summer of Service

At the end of the message on Intentional Living (April 28), we introduced the plans and ideas for our Summer of Service. If you missed the message, take some time to listen to it here.

Summer of Service is a strategic initiative for the LBC family to display the loving-kindness of Jesus by intentionally serving our neighborhoods and communities in very practical ways. A variety of service projects will take place over select days throughout the summer in place of the regularly scheduled midweek activities. The desire is not to fill our calendars with more things to do, but rather to help us be strategic and intentional with what we do in order to love and serve our community.

This is not about filling your calendars with more things to do, but rather being strategic and intentional with what you do. #redeemingthetime #summerofservice Click To Tweet
Displaying the love of Christ by serving together

The staff has been gathering ideas from the city as well as from individuals within the congregation. However, we would like to get more ideas for how we can impact our community. If you have a particular burden and an idea for how LBC can work together to serve to meet that need, please email us this week.

Once all the ideas have been compiled and evaluated, we will present the most strategic ones to the church in order to garner involvement and support. You can participate in one or more of the projects throughout the summer, but we are asking each member to commit to being a part of at least one of these opportunities.


  • Sign-up will be on May 26th 
  • Planning meetings will be on Wednesday, May 29th
  • The launch will be on the week of June 2-8.

While this initiative is called “Summer of Service” we pray that this kind of thinking will continue far beyond the summer. May this just be a starting point for the church family to actively, intentionally, and continually engage in loving our neighbors in real practical ways.

Will you get involved?