Bible Reading Tools

Bible Reading Tools

Not only must the Bible be central in our gatherings as a church; but it must be central in our lives as individual members.

So let’s encourage each other to become serious about God’s Word. Let’s commit to be radically transformed by the life-changing power of the Scriptures (Psalm 19:7-10; 2 Timothy 3:16-17). For that to happen, we must commit to the daily diligent reading of the Scriptures.

For your convenience, here are some helpful tools for this endeavor. We’ve categorized them under 3 objectives in your reading: Read for survey, for study, and for your soul.

Read for Survey

These plans bring variety and a fresh approach to each day. It will be about 15-20 minutes of reading or listening to the Bible.

  • Install the YouVersion Bible App on your smartphone or tablet and subscribe to the OneYear Bible reading plan (version of your choice). This app will deliver the reading by way of email, help you catch you up if you get behind, or even read it out loud to you (perfect for Atlanta traffic time)!

Read for Study

  • Listen to a sermon series through a book of the Bible.
  • Utilize tools to increase your understanding of how to really study the Bible. Women of the Word and Dig Deeper are two excellent resources to help you become a serious student of the Word.

Read for Soul

Other Resources

Scripture Memory + Meditation Helps

Prayer Helps

For the kids