We have stated that our key core value as a church is the Bible.

The revelation from God to man and our only authority for belief and behavior.

This has to be much more than a stated value; it has to be an actual reality in the life of our church. We want to be a group of people that treasure the Bible, study the Bible, read the Bible, memorize the Bible, and obey the Bible. That’s why this coming year we are going to make a goal, as a church, to become more personally and purposefully engaged in the Word.

Here’s how.


Being a part of a church means that we don’t pursue Christ simply as individuals; we are members one with another and we are on this journey together. We have committed to each other and we need each other.

So this year, there will be two ways for you as a part of LBC to read the Bible together with your church family. One option will be reading for distance, the other will be reading for depth. You can find out the details for these two reading options here.

However, we don’t want to just read the Bible. The Scripture encourages us to internalize and meditate on the Word.


Each month we will have a select passage of Scripture to memorize together. This year, each of the passages will be themed on a greater understanding of the Gospel. You can learn more about this Scripture memory plan here, and even get a head start on memorizing!

Our prayer is that these initiatives of reading and memorizing Scripture together will strengthen individuals, families, and ultimately the whole body so that this church would grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ (Ephesians 4:15).