Does it surprise you that most Christians, upon their death, will end up giving more money to places they would rather not, than to their church and the furtherance of the Gospel? It should! The current financial struggles of many churches, missionaries, and other ministries stems from a fundamental misunderstanding of the facts of stewardship.

October 29th – December 10th you are invited to take part in a special class to help you consider an eternal perspective and long-term strategy for your finances. Class will begin at 9:15am each Sunday in room A 108.

In this class we will study Matthew 25:14-30 – the lesson of who is the responsible servant. Each class time will begin with a discussion of Bible truths and conclude with discussion of planned giving options such as:

  • How do you  handle a small estate in Georgia?
  • Can you create peace of mind for tomorrow?
  • How can I give when I don’t have a big estate?
  • What about giving and tax savings?
  • Why have a will, trust, Power of Attorney, health care directive or living will? (Did you know 60% of Americans lack having a will or simple plan to pass on assets)

If you would like more information on the class, please contact Dan Garvin. You can either sign up at the Hospitality Center or fill out the form below!

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