Lebanon Baptist Church is honored to partner with the Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary to provide seminary training for anyone looking for seminary level classes.

Through video conferencing, you can be apart of live classes with real-time interaction with instructors. The training from DBTS will help you integrate theological truths, gain perspective on current issues, and form a cohesive biblical theology for effective ministry.

For more information about taking a class/classes through Lebanon Baptist Church (audit or for credit), please contact Pastor Scott.

Spring 2019 Block Class

March 25-29 DBTS will offer a block course on the Life & Letters of Paul here in Roswell.

  • You can take the class for credit for $490.
  • You can audit the class for $245.

Contact Pastor Scott if you would be interested in this opportunity. You can learn more about the class here. Scroll to the end of this page to apply now! (Application deadline is March 12)

DBTS exists for the glory of God to serve local churches by shaping faithful men for the gospel ministry through the word of God.

Application to Take Course(s) at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

Instructions: This application is intended for applicants who wish to take one or a few courses but do not intend to pursue an academic degree or certificate. If you intend to take courses on a regular basis for academic credit, please contact DBTS for information about how to fill out a regular application.

Course: The Life and Letters of Paul

Taught by Dr. Tim Miller from Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary. Offered at Lebanon Baptist Church in Roswell, GA. March 25-29, 2019.