We desire to have a culture of discipleship within Lebanon Baptist Church – where it’s just normal for fellow members to meet together to help each other grow in Christ. We see this discipleship taking place on different levels:

Congregation ⥂ Classes ⥂ Small Groups ⥂  1 to 1 Relationships

Small Groups are simply a discipleship dynamic within the life of LBC and serve as an expression of the corporate fellowship of the whole church, and not as a replacement.

Whether it’s a community group, men’s group, ladies group, young couples, etc. the small groups are a tool to cultivate growth in Christ in the context of loving relationships. Rooted in the Word, empowered by prayer, supported by spiritual fellowship, small groups are an environment in which we all grow up in every way into Christ (Ephesians 4:15).

Of course the priority for us is the whole church gathered together each Sunday, but small groups are a context for spiritually intentional relationships to be formed by encouraging life-touching-life, mutual ministry outside of our Sunday gatherings.

Small groups exists to glorify God by encouraging growth in Christ through the prayerful ministry of the Word in the context of loving relationships

Questions regarding small groups? Explore the FAQ’s below. If you have more questions, please contact the church office.

1) Men’s Groups meet typically in the morning before the workday begins (6:30am). There are currently two men’s groups that meet. One on Tuesday mornings at Starbucks. The other meets on Thursday mornings at Crazy Love Coffee House.

2) Women’s Groups meet at a variety of times. Each semester there will be a Tuesday Morning group that meets for prayer fellowship and Bible study. Some are mom’s get together while their children play.

3) Growth Groups are our geographical, multi-generational, community groups. There are a number of different groups that meet in Roswell and the surrounding communities. Most of the Growth Groups meet twice a month on a Sunday afternoon or evening. These groups will allow you to identify and interact with other church members in your community. The groups serve as a way for the church to invest their lives in each other to build genuine relationships, and to promote the Gospel in their communities. So, in living near each other, you have the opportunity to really get involved in the lives of one another. You can drop in on each other during the week, do home projects together, run errands together, take care of each othersʼ children, and seek other ways to Love Your Neighbors together.


4) Young Singles typically meet together on Thursday evenings.

Please contact the church office for information on how to connect with any of these small groups

While we are convinced that all believers should be committed members with a local church, small groups are open and welcoming to anyone. In fact, this is a great way for you to learn more about the people of Lebanon Baptist and what it looks like to live in committed relationships as members one of another. To learn more about becoming a member of LBC, click here.

While it may look different for each group, there will always be these certain elements:

  • Fellowship and interaction
  • Bible study, discussion, or application
  • Prayer and encouragement

YES! In fact if all a group does is meet once a week or twice a month, then it isn’t really accomplishing the goals of growth. Small groups could plan on special events together like game nights, service projects, dinners, and other activities. These groups will most often serve as a means of developing one-to-one relationships, so invite someone from the group to coffee or to your home for dinner. Groups could strategize as to how they can together minister to the elderly and shut-ins of LBC in their area, reach out to new comers of LBC, and even host events throughout the year for non-Christians to see the love of God displayed.

If you are a part of Growth Group that meets on Sunday nights, there will be a particular strategy depending on the number and age of children in the group. Contact the group leader for details.

Our Tuesday morning and Wednesday evening ladies’ groups will often have child care provided. 

If you are interested in starting up a small group, please contact one of the pastors. We do want anyone leading a group to be a part of some specific training.