Global Missions

Global Missions

Our priority of intentional evangelism drives us to see Gospel impact beyond our local area. It’s what we call missions. We designate a significant portion of our budget each year to support missions, but we pray that our members will be more involved than just financially. We seek to have a strong relationship between our congregation and our missionaries so that we can adequately care for them while they are on the field, and so that they would sharpen our own efforts to see unbelievers reached for Jesus.

Each winter we host a 3-day conference that focuses on our global efforts to make disciples. Because it’s such a vital part of who we are, we ask our members to prioritize being a part of those few days. We also encourage each member to even pray if God would have them relocate from this area for the sake of seeing the Gospel impact another area of the world.

  • Natalie Carmona, Mexico
  • Tom & Connie Chapman, Chile
  • Ben & Ashley, SE Asia
  • Jose & Mary Ferrero, Argentina
  • Steve & Jane Gibb, Australia / SE Asia
  • Sue Hahn, Japan
  • F.G. & Melody, SE Asia
  • John & Becky Knox, Japan
  • Ben & Diahanna Kwok, Australia
  • Steve & Jenny, SE Asia
  • Jonathan & Michelle McPeters, Wales
  • Marsh & Joy Millikan, Mexico
  • Ryan & Joy Owen, Ghana
  • Nathan & Renee Owens, Antigua, Caribbean Radio Lighthouse
  • Betsey Reznor, Quebec, Canada
  • Jacob & Jamie Sechrest, New Zealand
  • Jamie & Jessica, SE Asia
  • Doug & Donna Stamper, Kenya
  • John & Jamie Zimmer, Palau

how can you be more involved in missions?

By God’s grace, Global Missions is becoming more and more central to who we are as a church. Our desire is that each of us as members is, in some way, growing in our involvement with and support of missions.


Find out more about our church’s missionaries and their work. You can also increase your awareness of what God is doing among the nations by reading Operation World, available in the Resource Center (A 108).


Enter into the work of our church’s missionaries and church planters by praying for them more consistently. One way you can do this by receiving prayer updates in your inbox by signing up for the weekly Missions Update.

You can see your burden for the world increased by engaging in Operation World’s prayer calendar.


Partner in the work of the Gospel with your finances. One of the largest line items in our yearly budget is missions. As we look to the future, it seems there are even more opportunities for our church to be a part of taking the Gospel to the world, and we are trusting God to use our financial investments to do so.


Consider taking some of your time as an individual, a couple, or even as a family to travel to serve our missionaries. You also have opportunities to participate in upcoming missions and service trips. Contact Josh Roland for more information.