Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus for the glory of God. Each week we gather together to remind one another our privilege to be ambassadors for Christ to this world. Our strategy for spreading the Gospel in the Atlanta area is simple – pray, meet people, and tell them about Jesus. We’ve organized this approach through what we call Love Your Neighbor. Click here to take a few moments to learn how you can be involved.

Beyond this area, we are seeking to be a part of establishing other local churches both regionally, nationally, and globally. The links below describe our efforts in those ways.

Church Planting

We are convinced that the most beneficial thing for any community is a church that displays and declares the Gospel of Jesus. While our church will not be able to impact everywhere, we can seek to focus our efforts in a few strategic locations where the advancement of the Gospel will open many doors for further ministry. By God’s grace, we want to establish and support ministries that are themselves establishing and strengthening local churches and moving forward with the mission to make disciples. CHURCH PLANTING PARTNERSHIPS …

Global Missions

Our priority of intentional evangelism drives us to see Gospel impact beyond our local area. It’s what we call missions. We designate a significant portion of our budget each year to support missions, but we pray that our members will be more involved than just financially. We seek to have a strong relationship between our congregation and our missionaries so that we can adequately care for them while they are on the field, and so that they would sharpen our own efforts to see unbelievers reached…