Fellowship, friendship, and accountability are just a few of the benefits that these groups provide.  There are a variety of ministries to help you develop relationships and benefit from life alongside other members of Lebanon Baptist Church. These groups all center on the study of God’s Word and build from there.


Through Bible studies, retreats, and special events, we want each lady to be equipped and encouraged to bring glory to God in their relationships at home, at work, in the community, and in the church. Our desire is for women to grow in their love for Jesus and others by through initiating discipling relationships within the church, showing hospitality to each other, and reaching out to those who do not know Christ.


Most men face the constant, daily pressures of work and increasingly demanding travel schedules.  Very often, the negative impact of our work lives is felt at the level of our families and our personal relationships with God. The result is often isolation – from the Lord, from our families, and from other Christians. Through small group Bible studies, monthly prayer breakfasts, campouts, conferences, and other opportunities, we seek to address these challenges.

Senior adults

We believe that the second half of life is the time to hit full stride in our Christian walks while passing on the lessons we’ve learned, continuing to grow and change, and setting an example for the next generation.

The Senior Adult Ministry meets each Sunday morning as a LifeStage Class, but we love to serve and play together as a group … a lot!

We do as much as we can to take an active role in many of the church’s ministries, such as Children, Hospitality, prayer ministries, music, and missions. Come find your place and get involved!