Much more than a Bible study or a prayer meeting in a home every now and then, Growth Groups are our small group approach to mutual care, discipleship, accountability, and outreach. One of the main goals of these groups is to provide an opportunity for life-touching-life mutual ministry outside of a Sunday gathering of the church.

Of course, the priority is the whole church gathered together each Sunday, but Growth Groups are a context for committed discipleship in a smaller, informal atmosphere. We have set aside the first Sunday night of each month for Growth Groups to meet. However, the groups will also meet together at other times throughout the month for study, prayer, accountability, activity, outreach, and more. Our current group leaders and group locations are listed below.

We currently have 10 groups meeting in Roswell and the surrounding areas.

To find out specific times and locations, please contact the church office or the group leader.

To learn more about Growth Groups, explore the Growth Group FAQ’s page.

For the glory of God, Growth Groups seek to make disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ in geographic areas by sharing life together in genuine relationships, devoting themselves to teaching one another, applying the truths of Godʼs word to one another, and partnering together to share the Gospel with others.