So much more than a Bible study, prayer meeting, or support group, Growth Groups are a tool we utilize as a church to cultivate growth in Christ in the context of loving relationships. Rooted in the Word, empowered by prayer, supported by spiritual fellowship, these groups are designed to be an environment in which we all grow up in every way into Christ (Ephesians 4:15).

While the priority is the whole church gathered together each Sunday, Growth Groups are a context for spiritually intentional relationships to be formed by encouraging life-touching-life, mutual ministry outside of our Sunday gatherings.

Growth Groups exists to glorify God by encouraging growth in Christ through the prayerful ministry of the Word in the context of loving relationships

Growth Groups usually meet together twice a month and are typically open to new people as long as the groups remain small enough to facilitate the goals of growth.

However, Growth Groups are much more than small group meetings. We desire to have culture of committed discipleship within Lebanon Baptist Church – where it’s just normal for fellow members to meet up together to help each other grow in Christ. We see this discipleship taking place on different levels:

CongregationLifeStagesGrowth Groups ⥂  1 to 1 Relationships

Growth Groups are simply a discipleship dynamic within the life of LBC and serve as an expression of the corporate fellowship of the whole church, and not as a replacement.

If you have any questions regarding Growth Groups explore the Growth Group FAQ’s. To find out specific times and locations, please contact the church office.