LIFE STAGES (Adult Bible Classes)

LIFE STAGES (Adult Bible Classes)

LifeStage Classes exists to glorify God by teaching the Word, facilitating care, and enabling service in order to cultivate true Christian growth and fellowship.

Lebanon Baptist Church is a family! And we believe it is essential to the spiritual health of every believer to be meaningfully connected to other LifeStages_Logobelievers in this family. LifeStages are designed to be small enough so that each member can connect with others for …

  • LEARNING. We desire to grow in our ability to read, interpret, and apply the Word of God toour everyday lives.
  • SERVING. We want each person to identify and perform in their God-given gifts.
  • CARING. We are committed to provide for each others’ physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

There are several LifeStage Classes to choose from each Sunday morning at 9:15. Contact the church office if you have any questions.

  • Sr. Adults (60’s+) – Room A 100
  • Adult 3 (50’s+) – Room A 101
  • Lebanon Bible Class (Any Age) – Room A 102
  • Adult 2 (30’s+) – Room A 103
  • Adult 1 (20’s+) – Room A 104
  • OneLife (Young Singles) – Room A 110

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