We recognize the call to the community of faith to tell to the generation to come the praises of the Lord (Psalm 78:4). That is why student ministries are very important to us as a church! We also recognize the wonderful gifts they are to the church and in no way do we want to isolate the students from the rest of the body. Please select one of the areas of Student ministry below to learn how you can get involved.

  • Host a Teen SNAC
  • Provide transportation to youth activities
  • Commit to pray for and with a teen (mentor) each month
  • Serve as a Teen Sponsor
    • Attend the Sunday AM LifeStage Fellowship
    • Help lead a Teen SHAPE group on Wednesday PM
    • Help plan, facilitate, or host activities
    • Help keep teenagers meaningfully connected and involved with the greater church body

For more information as to how you can serve the teens of Lebanon Baptist Church, contact Pastor Josh.

  • Adopt a college student(s) or young single adult(s)
  • Take a couple of students to lunch one Sunday a month
  • Host a dinner party or backyard BBQ for OneLife
  • Meet weekly or bi-weekly with a young single for Bible reading and prayer
  • Serve as a OneLife Sponsor
    • Attend the Sunday AM LifeStage Fellowship
    • Host OneLife group Bible studies in your home
    • Help plan and facilitate activities
    • Develop and maintain communication with our college students who are away from home
    • Help keep young singles meaningfully connected to the greater church body

For more information on how you can actively serve the young singles and college students in more committed ways, please see Pastor Scott or contact the main office.