This team is obviously focused primarily on the safety and security of all those on the property. However, they must be ready and willing to serve in both a greeter and usher role at any time. As a part of this ministry, you will be scheduled to serve one service per month on a team with one or two other individuals.

In order to serve in this ministry, security team members must meet these prerequisites:

1) Committed member with Lebanon Baptist Church, or a faithful attender for at least 6 months moving toward committing to membership

2) Availability and willingness to arrive early to the services

3) Willingness to miss one or two services per month to maintain security in and out of the building

4) Ability to walk around the property (building and parking lot) during the services

5) Attentiveness to the written policies and procedures for emergency situations

6) Willingness to serve in a variety of situations (parking, evacuation, medical assistance etc.)

If you are interested in serving on the Safety & Security Team in any way, please fill out the volunteer form.