The goal of this ministry is to lead the congregation in showing love and care to all that come in contact with Lebanon Baptist Church. This ministry engages caring people who are content to serve behind the scenes. There are a few specific ways to get involved in the Hospitality Team.


The Greeters are ready to welcome people on to the property and into the building, answer questions about the church, and guide visitors through the facilities. While the goal is for the entire congregation to be hospitable, this team will lead the way each week. As a part of this team, you will either be stationed 1) at the Hospitality Center before/after services, 2) as one of the main entrance door greeters, or 3) as a “floater” within the main auditorium.

Greeter Guidelines

1. Be committed
To be a part of the Greeter team, you must be a committed member of Lebanon Baptist Church

2. Be informed
Read the bulletin and subscribe to the Weekly Update

3. Be on time
The commitment is approximately 20-30 minutes before/after the service to which you are assigned. For those working the Hospitality Center, be at the desk a few minutes prior to the service ending so you are there when people are leaving.

4. Stay focused
Try not to use this service time to engage in only talking with friends – focus on looking out for newcomers and connecting them with others in the congregation.

5. Be Accomodating
Walk guests to the rooms they are looking for, show them around, make them feel welcome, answer their questions – be personal!

6. Communicate
Each greeter should provide their phone number so that they are able to receive text messages from the office regarding upcoming news, change in services, change in children’s classes, etc.

7. Substitutes
Each greeter is responsible for getting a substitute for when he/she cannot serve at their assigned time.

8. Information Cards
Greeters should hand out the Guest Information Booklet and a pen to all guests. Please follow-up with them before they leave to be sure you get the information card in the back of the booklet

9. Pray
For this ministry and that our congregation will lovingly embrace any and all newcomers who walk through our doors.

The ushers create a warm and orderly atmosphere that is conducive to edification, fellowship, and teaching. Individuals should plan to fill the need for any given service. Particular assignments may be given depending on the service needs.

Usher Guidelines

In order to serve in this ministry, ushers must meet these prerequisites:

1. Committed member with Lebanon Baptist Church

2. An apparent love for serving others

3. Availability to arrive early to the services

4. The capacity to smile, be kind and gentle, and stay informed

5. Willingness to help serve in a variety of situations (welcome, parking, security, etc.)


If you are interested in serving on the Hospitality Team in any way, please fill out the volunteer form.