30 Days of Praying the Character and Names of God

This Fall, we have been taking some time to focus in on our core value of Constant Prayer. Each Wednesday, a number of members gather to pray together through various passages of Scripture. Last month we encouraged everyone to take 31 days to pray for the church. This month, we want to equip each member […]

The Priority of Preaching

In his book, Reverberation, Jonathan Leeman states: God’s Word, working through God’s Spirit, is God’s primary instrument for growing God’s church. Unfortunately there is a prominent thinking among Christianity today that discredits preaching as outdated, and that something different is needed. The problem is that we have faulty ideas of what we think we need. […]

Stop Reading the Bible in Isolation

Let’s face it – being consistent in reading the Bible has it’s challenges. In previous posts, we’ve discussed the problems of fragmenting the Bible and amputating the Bible. However, one of the greatest issues facing us in reading our Bible may come as a surprise to many. Too often, Christians read the Bible in isolation. What? Aren’t we supposed to get alone […]

Stop Amputating the Bible

One of the reasons we said that we struggle with remaining consistent in reading and understanding the Bible is because we often fragment the Bible. You can read about that here. But another obstacle for us when it comes to reading the Bible is amputation. As a surgical procedure, doctors use amputation to control pain, or prevent […]

Stop Fragmenting the Bible

In our day and age, we have more Bibles than ever, more ways to access Scripture than ever, and yet, it seems Christians have a decreasing knowledge of their Bibles more than ever. It is one of the [mysteries] of our day that in a world of great opportunities, many Christians have less knowledge of […]

The Priority of the Word

Last month on LBCConnect, we began to discuss our Core Values as a church and their importance to our life together as a church. No doubt, most of us have a set of core priorities to guide us in making decisions in our life. Do I move to that location? Do I schedule this appointment? Do I accept […]