Church Basics Class

Last summer, our church went through several studies discussing the nature of the local church, church membership, church leadership, and church unity. Through our studies, we realized that we need a stronger, biblical understanding of this thing we call “church” and what it’s place is in our lives as believers. One key area of concern we […]

Help! I Can’t Forgive

This last weekend, a portion of our church family had the opportunity to go to the Wilds Christian Camp for a weekend church retreat. We had a great time together playing, hiking, and relaxing. (Check out some of the pictures on Facebook) But the key part of the retreat was our time together in the Word. […]

Meet Daniel! (Our new Pastoral Intern)

Starting May 28th, Lebanon Baptist Church will have the privilege of partnering with Daniel Booth to equip, test, affirm, and send him out from our church. He is currently finishing his undergrad work and is praying about long-term future ministry. This is an exciting opportunity for the whole church family to invest in and partner with Daniel to see […]

Important Announcement about VBS!

Every summer, LBC hosts a week-long children’s program traditionally known as Vacation Bible School (VBS). VBS is something that our church looks forward to, and it seems we never lack for volunteers! In year’s past, we’ve held VBS on the church property and asked the community to come to us. This year, we are going to take VBS to the […]

One Month Later …

Well, it’s been a couple of months now since we started into out our church-wide initiative of Treasuring Scripture Together. Some of us have been reading for distance through the Storyline of the Bible. Others have been reading for depth through the New Testament. We’ve also committed to memorize Scripture together. Hopefully, we have all been working to commit these […]

Treasuring Scripture Together

We have stated that our key core value as a church is the Bible. The revelation from God to man and our only authority for belief and behavior. This has to be much more than a stated value; it has to be an actual reality in the life of our church. We want to be a group of people that […]

Hail the Incarnate Deity

Why do the events of Luke 2 evoke such a sense of joy, awe, and wonder in the hearts of humanity? Is it that society has over-dramatized the birth of a famous religious leader? Has culture so sentimentalized the nativity that we just respond that way? Is it that the human heart just wants something more meaningful to hold on to in the […]

Advent Reading Plan

It’s December 1st! Why not embark on a simple reading plan in preparation for Christmas? The following Advent Reading Plan includes readings from some major Old Testament passages expressing the expectations of Messiah and goes to the narratives of Matthew and Luke’ Gospels to John’s prologue introducing the deity of Jesus. This Advent Reading Plan starts on December 1 and ends on December 25. This reading plan for Advent is from The […]

Meet Ben! (Our New Pastoral Intern)

In keeping with our Core Value of Purposeful Multiplication, we are thrilled to launch a Pastoral Internship ministry. Starting this January, Lebanon Baptist Church will have the privilege of partnering with Ben Roland to equip, test, affirm, and send him out from our church. He is currently serving in Singapore and praying about long-term future ministry in one of our […]

The Priority of Preaching

In his book, Reverberation, Jonathan Leeman states: God’s Word, working through God’s Spirit, is God’s primary instrument for growing God’s church. Unfortunately there is a prominent thinking among Christianity today that discredits preaching as outdated, and that something different is needed. The problem is that we have faulty ideas of what we think we need. […]

Pray. Vote. Love. Remember.

Tuesday, November 8 will mark what may be one of the most controversial and divisive elections of our time. Sadly, the controversy is not limited to CNN and FOX News. It has hit the body of Christ with a wave of divisiveness that is ultimately harmful to the message of reconciliation foundational in the Gospel. So, what do we as members […]

Stop Reading the Bible in Isolation

Let’s face it – being consistent in reading the Bible has it’s challenges. In previous posts, we’ve discussed the problems of fragmenting the Bible and amputating the Bible. However, one of the greatest issues facing us in reading our Bible may come as a surprise to many. Too often, Christians read the Bible in isolation. What? Aren’t we supposed to get alone […]