God’s Love Compels Us

Each year in February, the church family sets aside a few days to specifically refocus on our efforts as a church to reach the world with the Gospel. Missions Conference is a wonderful time to be encouraged by what God is doing through those we have partnered with in the Gospel. At the same time, it serves as an opportunity to reflect on our personal and […]

Crazy Busy!

Well … hold on tight ’cause here it comes – the holiday season! That means one of the busiest times of life is upon us. But honestly, it’s not just holiday times where we find ourselves caught in the rat race and break-neck pace of Atlanta – it’s constant. With this in mind, we are eager to recommend an incredibly insightful […]

In Christ Alone

[An] accompanying uncertainty and lack of definition in basic Christian doctrine are causes for genuine concern. Some cannot, for example, explain why Mormonism is not Christian because they are unsure of the doctrine of the Trinity. As we continue to study the Gospel of John, we are pleased to recommend a wonderful devotional companion to […]

How to Walk into Church

So … walking into church probably doesn’t seem like it deserves its own book. Right? It’s a pretty straightforward and trivial activity. But things are rarely as simple as they seem, and how you walk into church reveals a great deal about what you think church is, what it’s for, and what you’re doing there. […]

A Holy Ambition

In light of our Missions Conference, we are recommending the book, A Holy Ambition. This collection of missions-oriented sermons by John Piper will challenge you to consider and cultivate a holy ambition to preach Christ where he has not yet been named. A ‘holy ambition’ means something you really want to do that God wants you to do. Something you want […]