30 Days of Praying the Character and Names of God

This Fall, we have been taking some time to focus in on our core value of Constant Prayer. Each Wednesday, a number of members gather to pray together through various passages of Scripture. Last month we encouraged everyone to take 31 days to pray for the church. This month, we want to equip each member […]

How to Pray for Fellow Church Members

Recently we encouraged our church family to take a few moments each day this month to pray for the congregation as a whole. If you haven’t participated in it, it’s not too late to start. The list of 31 ways to pray for your church is posted here. Of course, we should constantly pray for […]

31 Ways to Pray for Your Church

Do you pray for your church? Do you know how or what to pray for your church? Well, here are 31 areas for which you can pray for Lebanon Baptist Church this October. What if each of our members took a few moments and periodically throughout the day prayed that God would work in our […]

Praying Together

Constant Prayer. It’s one of our Core Values as a church family. Engaging in continual communion with God and declaring our dependence on Him with thanksgiving As Christians, we would probably agree that prayer must be a central part of our life – especially if we are to be growing as we should. The problem […]

Praying for Muslims

This last weekend followers of Islam all over the world began their yearly ritual of a month-long, daytime fast known as Ramadan. This is a time when they celebrate Muhammad’s reception of the Quran and try to ramp up their efforts to “win God’s favor” on judgment day. As our missionary in Indonesia said, In essence, they celebrate the […]

Men’s Prayer Breakfast

  September 24, 2016 at 8:00 am All men and boys are invited to the men’s prayer breakfast this month. Breakfast will be served at 8:00 Please RSVP to Ken Mueller       The men of our church meet one Saturday a month to share burdens and praises, and to pray for each other and the needs of […]