Operation Joy!

For several years, individual members of Lebanon Baptist Church have made an effort to adopt and support our missionary kids for the Christmas season. We do so by donating $50 per child to help provide funds to buy them Christmas gifts. In the past, many have known this as the LIGHTS program. Recently we began calling it, Operation Joy!  Operation Joy! […]

Praying for Muslims

This last weekend followers of Islam all over the world began their yearly ritual of a month-long, daytime fast known as Ramadan. This is a time when they celebrate Muhammad’s reception of the Quran and try to ramp up their efforts to “win God’s favor” on judgment day. As our missionary in Indonesia said, In essence, they celebrate the […]

God’s Love Compels Us

Each year in February, the church family sets aside a few days to specifically refocus on our efforts as a church to reach the world with the Gospel. Missions Conference is a wonderful time to be encouraged by what God is doing through those we have partnered with in the Gospel. At the same time, it serves as an opportunity to reflect on our personal and […]

Pray for Katie

Over the next few of months, Katie will be serving as an intern with the nursing staff of the Hospital of Hope in Mango, Togo (West Africa). The hospital is located in an area where Isalm is the dominant religion. We praise the Lord that she has received all of her support and is in the packing stages […]

Work Trip, September 22-25

A group will be heading to Ringgold, LA in a few weeks to help Southland Christian Camp with some work projects. Contact Bryan Detandt if you are interested in being a part (bryan192207@gmail.com). Here are some of the details of the trip: Main Project: Building walls inside the new gymnasium The gym will be used as […]