Taking God at His Word

What are your feelings about the Bible? How would you describe your attitude to the Word of God? Would you consider yourself to be one that is in awe of God’s Word? Would you say that you have a love and even a desperation for the Scriptures? Would you describe yourself as earnestly committed to honor what God has said in His Word?

In light of our 2018 Bible Reading Challenge, we are pleased to recommend to you Taking God at His Word. You won’t find any clever defenses of the Bible or astute apologetic arguments. You won’t discover new ways to interpret Scripture during your personal devotions. Rather, this book does something more foundational: It teaches why and how you must honor and respect God’s Word.

You will find the book extremely reader-friendly. It avoids academic and technical language and simply helps show you the posture we ought to bring to Scripture and gain from the Bible: joyful submission, humble trust, and eager expectation that God will use His words to fashion us more into His image for His glory.

As a follower of Jesus, you need to be anchored in the Scriptures and grow in your love for God’s Word. We believe Taking God at His Word will help you in both respects.

In the words of author, Kevin DeYoung,

No one succeeds at the highest level in sports without working out. No one makes it in music without lots of practice. No one excels in scholarship without years of study. And no one makes it far in the school of holiness without hours and days and years in the Word.

You can purchase a paperback or hardcover copy through Amazon, or click one of the links below to download a free digital copy:

This would also be a great resource for your small group to use for the next few months. You can download a study guide here as well!

No one makes it far in the school of holiness without hours and days and years in the Word. (Kevin DeYoung) #treasuringscripture Click To Tweet


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