Children’s Sunday School Teachers Needed

Due to the recent growth of our church we are in great need of those that would be willing to serve on teaching teams for Children’s Sunday School.

The need

Currently we are only able to staff 2 classes for our elementary age children – 1st-3rd graders and 4th-6th graders. For the sake of the children’s discipleship, we need to move to 3 classes: 1st -2nd, 3rd-4th, and 5th-6th. This arrangement would allow more age appropriate instruction for the children as well as a better teacher-to-child ratio.

The opportunity

Each Sunday morning from 9:15-10:15, we have a tremendous chance to help children establish a confidence in the Word of God and develop a healthy biblical worldview. The goal is to have a team of teachers for each class that rotate on and off every 6 weeks or so. Also, we would love for each classroom to have assistants that can rotate as well.

The curriculumsunday-school

We use the Answers in Genesis Bible Curriculum. It provides easy to follow lesson plans, ideas, and take home papers for the children each week. AIG is a chronological, 3-year study of the Bible. Each age group covers Genesis through Revelation and learns the same material – but at different levels of depth.

If you are a member of LBC and would be willing to help be a part of serving our children and families in this way, please contact Pastor Scott or Tom Johnson.

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