Church Basics Class

Last summer, our church went through several studies discussing the nature of the local church, church membership, church leadership, and church unity. Through our studies, we realized that we need a stronger, biblical understanding of this thing we call “church” and what it’s place is in our lives as believers.

One key area of concern we are noticing is that many of our teens (and now current college students) joined LBC simply because their parents did. However, there was never any instruction to the children of what it means to be a member of a local church, and why (or if) it’s even important. As a result, many do not have an understanding of the church’s responsibility to them, or their responsibility to the church. For our long-term health as individuals and as a congregation – this is not a good thing.

So, with this in mind, we are going to host a 3 week class called “Church Basics”.

    • Any rising Juniors, Seniors, college Freshmen, and their parents are asked to be a part of this class.
    • Current college students, recent grads, and even newly married members and their spouses are encouraged to be a part, too!
    • Anyone else in the church that is interested in learning more of what the Bible says about the church.
    • Dates: May 21, May 28, and June 4
    • Time: 9:15 am (During LifeStage Classes)
    • Location: TBD
    • Week 1: It’s Bigger Than You Think
      • What is a local church?
      • How is church different than a group of my Christian friends?
      • What’s the big deal anyway?
      • Can’t I love and follow Jesus without a church?
    • Week 2: Your Discipleship is a Community Project
      • Do I really need a church as a Christian?
      • Why does the church need me?
      • Isn’t the most important thing whether or not I’m a part of the universal church?
    • Week 3: Privileges and Responsibilities of Members
      • Church membership isn’t even in the Bible … right?
      • Aren’t we supposed to be the church, not go to church?
      • What’s the point of joining a church?
    • To provide instruction regarding the nature, purpose, and importance of a local church
    • To foster a greater understanding of an individual Christian’s responsibility to and for a congregation (as opposed to just attending church services)
    • To clarify who we are (and are not) responsible for as a congregation.
    • To increase the church’s understanding of our biblical responsibility to one another
    • To lead the next generation in understanding a local church’s need for them and their need for a local church 
Since the topics we discuss in this will have long-term implications for our children and those who make up Lebanon Baptist Church, we are asking that each family make a commitment to be a part of these studies.
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