Meet Daniel! (Our new Pastoral Intern)

Starting May 28th, Lebanon Baptist Church will have the privilege of partnering with Daniel Booth to equip, test, affirm, and send him out from our church. He is currently finishing his undergrad work and is praying about long-term future ministry.

This is an exciting opportunity for the whole church family to invest in and partner with Daniel to see the ministry of the Gospel expanded and multiplied! Begin praying how you as a member of this church can be a part of Daniel’s life over the next couple of years.

He is looking for part-time employment to help support him during his training with us. If you know of any opportunities for employment, please contact the church office!

Daniel has been a member of LBC for a few years now, so some of you may remember him. But we took some time to interview him so our church family can begin to get a little more acquainted with him. Daniel is also engaged! Jessica Pyle is his fiancee and they will be getting married at the end of the summer and moving here to serve with LBC.


Age: 22

Hometown: Marietta, GA

College Degree(s): Automotive Technology Associates; BS in Biblical Studies

Previous Jobs: Chic-fil-A, Landscape, Automotive


In 3 sentences or less, tell us about Jessica: She was raised in a Christian family in Elkhart Lake, WI. She received Christ as a young child and has recently graduated from West Coast Baptist College. She is a joyful lady who loves God with a pure heart.

What is one word to describe yourself? Focused

Name a special and/or surprising skill or talent: I play guitar and violin (not at the same time)

Favorite free time activity: Working out

My favorite authors are: Paul Tripp, C.S. Lewis

My favorite food is: Mexican

My favorite ice cream is: I don’t like ice cream (but Jessica has gotten me started on dark chocolate)

My favorite [fill in the blank] is: My favorite [car] is a blue corvette

Daniel & Jessica


What do you hope to gain from this experience?
(1 A greater walk with God
(2 Preparation for being a pastor/elder
(3 Development of a ministry philosophy

What about this opportunity excites you the most?
The unity of the pastoral team excites me. I love the centrality of the Gospel at Lebanon and the focus on making disciples in Roswell and the surrounding area. I’m also very excited about the focus on missions at LBC.

How can we begin to pray for you?
Please pray  …
1) That my uncle Jay would receive Christ.
2) That God would provide a good job where I’m able to earn what I need to and yet be able to be engaged with my internship.


We currently have multiple needs for training materials and financial support for our interns. If you would like to contribute specifically toward the Pastoral Internship ministry and be a part of equipping the next generation of church leaders, please contact Pastor Scott.

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