Praying for Muslims

This last weekend followers of Islam all over the world began their yearly ritual of a month-long, daytime fast known as Ramadan. This is a time when they celebrate Muhammad’s reception of the Quran and try to ramp up their efforts to “win God’s favor” on judgment day. As our missionary in Indonesia said, In essence, they celebrate the […]

Children’s Sunday School Teachers Needed

Due to the recent growth of our church we are in great need of those that would be willing to serve on teaching teams for Children’s Sunday School. The need Currently we are only able to staff 2 classes for our elementary age children – 1st-3rd graders and 4th-6th graders. For the sake of the children’s discipleship, we need to move to 3 classes: 1st […]

Church Basics Class

Last summer, our church went through several studies discussing the nature of the local church, church membership, church leadership, and church unity. Through our studies, we realized that we need a stronger, biblical understanding of this thing we call “church” and what it’s place is in our lives as believers. One key area of concern we […]

Current Needs • May 2017

Each month we post a list of current needs within the ministry. Some are financial, some are volunteer needs, others are special ministry opportunities. If you are willing to help with any of these needs, please contact the main office for details. Training Materials for the Pastoral Internship Ministry (see S. Ashmore) Children’s Ministries  Sunday School teachers and classroom assistants (see T. Johnson) 4-5 yrs 1-2 grade 3-4 grade […]

Help! I Can’t Forgive

This last weekend, a portion of our church family had the opportunity to go to the Wilds Christian Camp for a weekend church retreat. We had a great time together playing, hiking, and relaxing. (Check out some of the pictures on Facebook) But the key part of the retreat was our time together in the Word. […]

Meet Daniel! (Our new Pastoral Intern)

Starting May 28th, Lebanon Baptist Church will have the privilege of partnering with Daniel Booth to equip, test, affirm, and send him out from our church. He is currently finishing his undergrad work and is praying about long-term future ministry. This is an exciting opportunity for the whole church family to invest in and partner with Daniel to see […]