Honest Evangelism

One of our core values as a church is Intentional Evangelism.

Proclaiming the Gospel to others and calling them to repentance and faith

This means that as members of this church, one of the things we have committed to prioritizing and helping one another with is faithfully sharing Jesus with others.

But, we all know the struggle.

Many of us are afraid of rejection. Some of us fear a failure to communicate the Gospel with skill and clarity. Whatever the reason, initiating Gospel conversations with friends, relatives, and co-workers is often difficult for us.

That’s why we are recommending each member of LBC get a copy of this book, read it, think through it, talk about with others, and, by God’s grace, become a church that is passionate about talking about Jesus – even when it’s tough.

In this short book, you’ll find Rico Tice to be straightforward, clear, realistic, humorous, and extremely practical. Much more than someone telling you that you need to evangelize, Honest Evangelism will also prove to be a practical, step-by-step approach that gives you a framework for planning and formulating your conversations. It will help motivate and teach you to graciously share the truth of salvation, and to ultimately thrill you that God can and will use ordinary people like us to impact others for eternity

Books and study guides are available at the Hospitality Center for $8.


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