Who Are You Reaching?

It’s been just about a week since our Missions Conference ended. If you were able to be a part of the conference, your heart was probably stirred once again to lift your eyes from the temporal pursuits of this life. As a church, we were challenged to get our focus back to seeing the Gospel make an eternal impact for the glory of King Jesus!

So … let’s just admit what we all know to be true: It’s really easy to love the idea of helping others get the Gospel to the world while, at the same time, overlook the Gospel opportunities right in front of us here.

At one point during the conference, we were encouraged to simply think through the relationships we have with non-Christians and ask: Who are you reaching?

Who are you reaching?

If you weren’t a part of the service when we did this, why not take the time right now to do this little exercise. Using the concept in the diagram below, consider the relationships you have in your life.

  1. Draw a larger circle and write your name in the middle of it.
  2. From there, draw lines extending out to other circles. In those circles, write the names of the specific people you are trying to reach with the Gospel.
  3. From those circles, think of extended relationships you may have with others because of the first individuals.

The point is both challenging and motivating.

First, it makes us really consider whether we are pursuing redemptive relationships with real people or not. Second, it helps us consider the impact the Gospel could have in a network of relationships if we would simply begin to reach out to one individual.


Now, if you have not been seeking to reach anyone in particular with the Gospel, ask God to help you to begin to develop relationships with Gospel intentionality.

  • Why not invite a friend and their family to a meal in your home?
  • What about inviting a coworker to join you for lunch and begin simple spiritual conversation with them (click here for some great tips on starting spiritual conversations).
  • Maybe you could encourage your neighbor to join you for a morning service this next month, introduce them to your church family, and then take them out to lunch afterwards and talk about God and what He may be doing in their lives.
  • Ask some of your fellow church members to begin to pray specifically for your opportunities.

In all of this, here’s the promise we have:

For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. Romans 10:13

God, who is holy and righteous, is also merciful, gracious, and ready to save any and all who will call on Jesus as Lord. The Gospel is powerful – powerful enough to change people’s lives. Let’s not just pray that this good news gets spread to all nations; let’s personally share this good news with those who are right here in our own lives now.

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