Stop Reading the Bible in Isolation

Let’s face it – being consistent in reading the Bible has it’s challenges. In previous posts, we’ve discussed the problems of fragmenting the Bible and amputating the Bible. However, one of the greatest issues facing us in reading our Bible may come as a surprise to many. Too often, Christians read the Bible in isolation. What? Aren’t we supposed to get alone […]

Operation Joy!

For several years, individual members of Lebanon Baptist Church have made an effort to adopt and support our missionary kids for the Christmas season. We do so by donating $50 per child to help provide funds to buy them Christmas gifts. In the past, many have known this as the LIGHTS program. Now we are calling it, Operation Joy!  Operation Joy! will […]

Ladies’ Soup Supper

All ladies, be sure to make your plans to be a part of a very special evening of fellowship. We look forward to a fun-filled, encouraging time together as ladies. This will be a great opportunity to both reconnect with each other, and invite your friends and neighbors and introduce them to the ladies of your […]

Fall Fun Fest Is Not Over

In the wake of the festival, there has been a lot of excitement about the amount of people we served and much talk about how we can improve next year. We certainly have a lot to be thankful for: 2300 guests, safety, God’s provision, and the opportunity to show our community that we love them!  […]

Pray for Katie

Over the next few of months, Katie will be serving as an intern with the nursing staff of the Hospital of Hope in Mango, Togo (West Africa). The hospital is located in an area where Isalm is the dominant religion. We praise the Lord that she has received all of her support and is in the packing stages […]

Stop Amputating the Bible

One of the reasons we said that we struggle with remaining consistent in reading and understanding the Bible is because we often fragment the Bible. You can read about that here. But another obstacle for us when it comes to reading the Bible is amputation. As a surgical procedure, doctors use amputation to control pain, or prevent […]

What’s At the Top of Your “To-Do” List?

Yesterday, in our morning service, we were reminded that God has placed a specific command at the top of our “to do” list – We are to love others as Jesus loved us. This isn’t simply a suggestion; it’s a command from our Lord! The issue we saw was that all of us have problems with loving others for […]

Fireside Fellowship Pics

We enjoyed a wonderful evening together this last Sunday night for our annual Fireside Fellowship. Thanks to Corinne Kutz for capturing these moments!

Stop Fragmenting the Bible

In our day and age, we have more Bibles than ever, more ways to access Scripture than ever, and yet, it seems Christians have a decreasing knowledge of their Bibles more than ever. It is one of the [mysteries] of our day that in a world of great opportunities, many Christians have less knowledge of […]